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Shock and Trauma—The Ground Zero
of Many Mental Health Issues

Dr Naomi Kehati-Bronner

Our mental health is a measure of how strong the relationships in our lives are.

Our ability to have a balanced life is mostly determined by the level of trauma we’ve had to endure throughout our lifetime. The most destructive of all traumas is relational, when our needs go not get met, it can create distortion in how we experience ourselves and others.

According to Clinical Psychologist Dr. Naomi Kehati Bronner, trauma is the ground zero of almost all mental health issues, particularly developmental trauma. In other words, our primary relationships in the context of the parenting we received, the family dynamics we grew up with, and the kind of community we were raised in will shape our lives.

Dr. Bronner specializes in understanding the dynamics that are at the roots of relationships between people and events that have shaped their perceptions of their self and their world.

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